Welcome to the sacroiliac joint specialists information site

Welcome to our sacroiliac joint information blog site.

We specialise in sacroiliac joint pain and if you have been given a diagnosis of sacroiliitis, sacroiliac joint dysfunction, sacroiliac joint syndrome, sacroiliac joint instability or sacroiliac joint inflammation we can generally examine you, tell you what is wrong, why you are in pain and offer a sacroiliac joint treatment that actually works!

We have pain relief clinics in Tamworth Staffordshire, Solihull West Midlands and Atherstone in North Warwickshire where we treat sacroiliac joint pain. www.sacroiliacjointpain.co.uk

We do not use injections, rarely manipulations are used because most of the time the sacroiliac joint is functioning correctly on presentation. Exercises to strengthen and stretch are not required and our totally unique treatment for sacroiliac joint pain is so successful that only 2 patients have failed to respond in 15 years.

If you consider that we see about 4 patients with sacroiliac joint pain every day over a 15 year period this is truly a stunning result.  Add to this the fact that from seeing a patient with an acute presentation to being pain free and functioning normally usually takes 6 visits.

We were not trained in how to use this new unique sacroiliac joint treatment, we invented it!!!                        tel 01827 59943

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  1. Can you tell me if you believe that the Atlas treatment method could treat my daughter who has SPD and has so for 6 years. She has tried Physios, Bowen therapists, a Chiropracter and currently an Oesteopath that she flies from Scotland to visit in Kent. She told me today that her sacroiliac joint (I or both had gone or collapsed?) She is beginning to think she will never walk normally again. I have also read about injections for this condition through another website frfom the Nuffield centre. Any help or advice would be appreciated – thank you, Michael

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