Sacroiliac joint dysfunction with pain cured

Here is a happy man, he travelled 90 minutes each way for treatment and after just one visit reported a 90% improvement after years of sacroiliac joint pain.  In 3 visits he was discharged pain free! is the website, Atlas Pain Relief Centre is the name   tel  01827 59943

Visit the sacroiliac joint expert John Williams, he treats sacroiliac joint instability, sacroiliac joint dysfunction and sacroiliac joint pain.  John is a specialist in sacroiliac joints and can provide sacroiliac joint treatment.

Testimonial from Mark Winney – Hereford

“You are no doubt thinking having found this website, how come they are the only clinic to claim to sort out your SI joint… Yes I was at first unsure but made a phone call to John. Like it says on the TV advert it does what it says on the tin.. After many many years of pain, frustration, way too many subscribed drugs, thinking I was going to be stuck with it for life (the pain got to state of being able to be stand upright for a max of 2 hours, then having to lie down, let alone the feeling of a knife twisting in your nerve ends) Truly the treatment has been a life changer, it works !! What have you to lose, a first appointment with treatment isnt going to break the bank. You cant put a monetary figure on your health. 100% recommend.

Sacroiliac joint instability and sacroiliac joint dysfunction

Well after many years treating sacroiliac joint pain, I still think too much is made of the terms sacroiliac joint dysfunction and sacroiliac joint instability.  Treatment options are offered for both of these so called conditions which include injections, manipulation, exercise prescription, sacroiliac joint belts and even surgery.

As you will not generally see any obvious cause when you MRI scan the pelvis we are led to believe that instability and dysfunction are real conditions that become a problem for the patient and they need specialist help to resolve the problem.

There is no doubt that sacroiliac joint pain is a real problem, affecting thousands of people and as common as low back pain in my opinion.  Why cant it be diagnosed and treated you might ask?  Many claim to have a cure and my experience is that many of them have little success.  Incorrect diagnosis is commonplace and therefore treating the wrong thing is doomed to failure.

At Atlas Pain Relief Centre we see thousands of patients with SIJ pain and treat it successfully in a quick painless series of treatments.  It does not require injections, surgery or manipulation.  Its different and was invented by sacroiliac joint expert Atlas Clinic Director John Williams

You have nothing to lose but your pain!!!     or telephone 01827 59943

Sacroiliac joint specialist in West Midlands

With the amount of sacroiliac joint pain customers successfully treated already over a 10 year period its probably acceptable to call Atlas Pain Relief Centre, the sacroiliac joint specialists.  Based in Solihull in the West Midlands the staff at Atlas Pain Relief Centre have been treating sacroiliitis, sacroiliac joint pain and sacroiliac joint dysfunction for many years.

The pioneering treatment used at the clinic was designed by clinic director John Williams who is a registered osteopath and physiotherapist.  John was previously an electrical engineer and spent many years fault finding and repairing faulty electrical and mechanical machines.  He believes it was this helped his quest to resolve a longstanding problem of how to successfully treat sacroiliac joint pain.

John had suffered from this condition himself so was fully aware of the restrictions and pain this condition caused.  He set about to discover a treatment that actually works and after 2 years of research he found the answer.  Since that day Atlas have treated thousands of patients successfully without injections or manipulation in the fastest of times.

Visit the website for more information or book an appointment with John on 01827 59943