Sacroiliac Joint Dysfunction and sacroiliac joint pain clinical trials

The Atlas Pain Relief Centre is looking at the possibility of undergoing clinical trials for the Sacroiliac Joint Pain treatment protocol designed by John Williams.

If this goes ahead the suggestion would be official trials with 2 groups of patients suffering with SIJ pain, one group would be treated with current traditional methods and the other with the Atlas method. Evidence would then be collected, analysed and evaluated in a written paper that would be published on the subject.

At the moment this is a consideration as we are busy treating SIJ patients and the cost in time and expense to employ people to oversee the project may prove too expensive. We are however keen to establish this treatment regime as effective,quick with no side effects and this can be taught to practitioners.

Sacroiliac joint dysfunction in Children

Sacroiliac joint pain can have many causes and affect many people.  Children can also suffer sacroiliac joint pain and pelvic pain.  Often patients will describe hip pain when they really are describing the pelvic area. Although not common, sacroiliac joint dysfunction can affect children especially when they are experiencing growth spurts.

As a sacroiliac joint pain expert and specialist in sacroiliac joint dysfunction I see many patients who cannot find relief after visiting many kinds of practitioner and undergoing extensive treatment.  Our success rate is astounding and our reputation is spreading all over the UK and even visitors from Europe are making the long journey to get treatment with us

Here is a testimonial from a mother of a young lad who came to visit us on crutches and couldn’t walk

“My 10 year old boy is a very sporty child who never keeps still, he had hip and back pain for a number of weeks, unable to fully weight bear, using crutches and even a wheelchair just to get the christmas shopping done and get him out of the house.  Unable to attend school , on 3 different painkillers and waking up during the night, it was awful to see a child suffering and you are left feeling helpless.

2 MRI’s later, a review by the spinal team and a hip specialist, both of whom were unsure as to what was causing the pain.  There was even talk of invasive surgery to explore further. I then came across Atlas and a phone call later I booked in for a review and within days my son had an assessment from John who assured me he would get him sorted.  Well he wasn’t wrong, he ascertained he had a significant leg length difference that was throwing his hips out of alignment causing the back and hip pain.  He fitted a heel lift and commenced some intense physiotherapy and within a few weeks he was back to playing football, off the painkillers and back to the happy boy we knew we should have.

This is all down to John, I cannot thank him enough, I have my 10 year old back to his former self.  Had I not have found Atlas Pain Relief Centre who knows where we would have been!   Thank You”     Nicola Robinson

sacroiliac joint dysfunction cure

As a specialist in sacroiliac joint pain and sacroiliac joint dysfunction I see 4 sacroiliac joint related problems every day. This is standard for me over the last 15 years and the amazing success of the Atlas Sacroiliac Joint treatment regime has transformed the lives of so many people that customers are visiting from Europe and all over the UK.  Visit

As a Solihull Osteopath and physiotherapist I use a mixture of treatment methods and I have a unique treatment for sacroiliac joint pain that I designed and invented which is only available from us.

Here is a testimonial from a delighted patient.

“I had a problem with my sacroiliac joint which got steadily more painful over a number of months.  I went to see John in Solihull and after 5 visits he has cured it.  I am still slightly aware that it is a sensitive area but I am free of the pain previously experienced”.     Sidney Garland

Here in Solihull and Tamworth we are transforming the lives of so many sacroiliac joint sufferers.  Contact reception to see what we can do for you.

telephone  01827 59943


sacroiliac joint pain treatment success

As the specialists in sacroiliac joint dysfunction and sacroiliac joint pain we are constantly being thanked for changing lives of people with sacroiliac joint pain.  We are sacroiliac joint experts providing effective treatment for sacroiliac joint instability and sacroiliac joint dysfunction.

Here is a recent email from one of our many delighted customers. Visit



“To put it simply, in my eyes, John Williams is a genius – he has transformed my life.

I had been suffering with a slipped disc/sacroiliac joint problem for over a year when I met John. Before meeting him, I had undergone 2 spinal injections, 18 acupuncture treatments and endless physiotherapy, yet I was still struggling with the most basic every day routines; I couldn’t reach my feet to put socks on/tie laces; sitting at a table to eat a meal was impossible; when working at a desk, I would opt to kneel up rather than sit on a chair; I couldn’t walk up any kind of gradient; I couldn’t drive my car further than 5 or 6 miles and I avoided bends and roundabouts that tipped me to the left. The majority of my day was spent popping painkillers – On the outside I was in survival mode, yet on the inside I was slowly dying and desperate for help! For a year I had attended every medical appointment offered and nothing had worked effectively.

Then, I found John on the internet. I knew nothing about him, except what I read on his website. This had struck a chord with me. My husband then drove me the 145 miles to see him. If I’m honest I was very cynical that it would work but I was also desperate! So many well qualified people had promised so much and then I’d been bitterly disappointed so I had pretty much given up hope of finding anyone that could really fix me.

However this time, I couldn’t have been more wrong.

After the first session, I returned home and couldn’t believe it when I found that I could get up out of bed, pain free the following day. I then went shopping and enjoyed a snack in a coffee shop for the first time in more than a year. I returned to John for further sessions and every session saw more remarkable progress.

What makes John remarkable is not simply the astounding difference he makes to the level of pain. He is also remarkable because, as a patient I really felt that he listened, then he problem solved, he was always honest in his approach and he understood the pain. More than anything else however, he showed me that he was determined to make a difference. His service is excellent value for money as he doesn’t watch the clock – he is too busy treating the patient and giving them the time needed for an effective recovery.

I really can’t thank him enough for the amazing job he has done in helping me return to health. In my eyes, he is a genius. John moved me forwards with my recovery more in the 8 sessions I had with him, than all of the other experts had done over the past year.

Now I am able to do so many things that were seemingly impossible just a few months ago. I really feel that I am getting my life back: I have enjoyed meals out with my family; I have played in a local concert, gone for lovely long walks, socialised with friends (and enjoyed doing it!), I am now far more mobile around the home, I have enjoyed time out shopping and even managed to sit through a film at the cinema and enjoy it!

I am absolutely thrilled at the progress I have made and really don’t know how to thank him enough.

He has truly transformed my life and with that he has also transformed the lives of my entire family as well as my friends.”

Best wishes,

Sacroiliac Joint specialist talks about treatment for sacroiliac joint pain

Atlas sacroiliac joint specialist John Williams has made a short video explaining sacroiliac joint pain.  John who is based in the midlands works from both Solihull and Tamworth clinics and is available to diagnose your sacroiliac joint problem and offer a solution to sacroiliac joint pain.  Click on the link below to see the video or visit the website

sacroiliac joint dysfunction treatment

New video on sacroiliac joint dysfunction planned in February 2014

Sacroiliac joint pain from a sacroiliac joint dysfunction will be explained in a new video from Atlas Pain Relief Centre.  Due to be filmed in February 2014 the video will be an informative insight into the sacroiliac joint and its unique treatment. Sacroiliac joint expert John Williams will explain sacroiliac joint treatment and how the sacroiliac joint specialist cures long standing conditions of unstable sacroiliac joint, hypermobile sacroiliac joint and explains sacroiliac joint cure.

Details will be posted on the website and our Facebook page

New sacroiliac joint pain video planned for 2014. Bookmark this website!

Atlas will be publishing a new video for sacroiliac joint pain sufferers in February 2014.  Watch this space of follow our Facebook page and hit the LIKE button  for a sacroiliac joint pain cure

sacroiliac joint dysfunction treatment attracts visitors from Europe

Sacroiliac joint pain sufferers who have a sacroiliac joint dysfunction, hyper mobile sacroiliac joint or unstable sacroiliac joint problems are visiting the sacroiliac joint expert at Atlas Pain Relief Centre in Solihull, West Midlands UK

The website is attracting interest from America, Canada and Europe and a recent booking from Denmark flies in for treatment next week.

In the UK we have visitors from Scotland, Newcastle, Yorkshire, Wales, Norwich and Exeter which proves that we are considered specialists in a problem that other practitioners seem to struggle with.  Osteopaths, Physiotherapists, Chiropractors and Orthopaedic Consultants all have their own way of treating sacroiliac joint pain however many of our visitors have exhausted these options, been through the pain management clinic injections , denervation, surgery and medication without success.

Why are we different?  Its because we were not taught how to use our current treatment methods –  We invented it!!!

Osteopath and Physiotherapist John Williams discovered this amazing successful answer to sacroiliac joint pain by experimenting on himself over a 2 year period and discovering a sacroiliac joint treatment that works. John was a sufferer of sacroiliac joint pain and also treated sacroiliac joint problems daily in his clinics in Solihull and Tamworth Staffordshire.

Initially sacroiliac joint specialist John, just focussed on local customers who needed his help but more recently it appears this is a global problem.  The website will be further developed to help people who are desperate to get a solution to sticking sacroiliac joints or sacroiliac joint pain.

Appointments can be booked by telephoning 01827 59943

Sacroiliac joint dysfunction with pain cured

Here is a happy man, he travelled 90 minutes each way for treatment and after just one visit reported a 90% improvement after years of sacroiliac joint pain.  In 3 visits he was discharged pain free! is the website, Atlas Pain Relief Centre is the name   tel  01827 59943

Visit the sacroiliac joint expert John Williams, he treats sacroiliac joint instability, sacroiliac joint dysfunction and sacroiliac joint pain.  John is a specialist in sacroiliac joints and can provide sacroiliac joint treatment.

Testimonial from Mark Winney – Hereford

“You are no doubt thinking having found this website, how come they are the only clinic to claim to sort out your SI joint… Yes I was at first unsure but made a phone call to John. Like it says on the TV advert it does what it says on the tin.. After many many years of pain, frustration, way too many subscribed drugs, thinking I was going to be stuck with it for life (the pain got to state of being able to be stand upright for a max of 2 hours, then having to lie down, let alone the feeling of a knife twisting in your nerve ends) Truly the treatment has been a life changer, it works !! What have you to lose, a first appointment with treatment isnt going to break the bank. You cant put a monetary figure on your health. 100% recommend.

Sacroiliac joint instability and sacroiliac joint dysfunction

Well after many years treating sacroiliac joint pain, I still think too much is made of the terms sacroiliac joint dysfunction and sacroiliac joint instability.  Treatment options are offered for both of these so called conditions which include injections, manipulation, exercise prescription, sacroiliac joint belts and even surgery.

As you will not generally see any obvious cause when you MRI scan the pelvis we are led to believe that instability and dysfunction are real conditions that become a problem for the patient and they need specialist help to resolve the problem.

There is no doubt that sacroiliac joint pain is a real problem, affecting thousands of people and as common as low back pain in my opinion.  Why cant it be diagnosed and treated you might ask?  Many claim to have a cure and my experience is that many of them have little success.  Incorrect diagnosis is commonplace and therefore treating the wrong thing is doomed to failure.

At Atlas Pain Relief Centre we see thousands of patients with SIJ pain and treat it successfully in a quick painless series of treatments.  It does not require injections, surgery or manipulation.  Its different and was invented by sacroiliac joint expert Atlas Clinic Director John Williams

You have nothing to lose but your pain!!!     or telephone 01827 59943